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Young Musicians

Welcome to my music studio- I’m happy you’re here! Please take a few minutes to read the following information so you and your child know what to expect in lessons and can get the most out of your time in my studio. If you have questions not covered in the policy, please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer them. I’m looking forward to helping your child work towards meeting their musical goals!



  • Lessons typically occur once a week and follow a yearly calendar. Your student’s weekly time slot is reserved for them specifically.

  • Please be on time for lessons and when picking up your child. Students who arrive late are not guaranteed the full length of their normal lesson.

  • In order to not interrupt another student’s lesson, please do not arrive more than a few minutes before your lesson time or pick your child up more than 5 minutes late. Students who arrive early may wait on the bench provided just outside of the studio. If you are my first lesson of the day, please make sure the studio sign is on the door before ringing the bell or knocking.

  • Please make sure students come to lessons with clean hands and short nails. If needed, students can wash their hands in the studio restroom.

  • Two music workshops and a semester kick off are included in the yearly tuition. (December and mid-late May). In the event you are unable to participate, a practice packet will be offered instead. There are no regular lessons the weeks these events are held.


Tuition: Monthly fee 

  • Tuition at Christy’s Music Studio is a flat subscription-based fee charged on the first day of each month and is based on enrollment, not attendance.  It reserves your child’s exclusive lesson time throughout the year, whether they attend lessons or not and does not change regardless of the actual number of lessons per month.

  • Payment is due by the 1st of each month and can be paid by cash, check, Zelle or PayPal. There is a 5-day grace period to pay without penalty. A $15.00 per student late fee will be added to your invoice after the grace period. If full payment, including the late fee, is not received by the 7th of the month, lessons will be suspended.  There is a $35.00 fee for bounced checks/funds, in which case payment must be paid in cash before the next lesson.


 Monthly tuition is as follows:

$120 for a 30-minute lesson 

$240 for a 60-minute lesson

$140 for a 30-minute lesson with 15 minutes of Music Lab

$160 for a 30-minute lesson with 30 minutes of Music Lab

$260 for a 60-minute lesson with 15 minutes of Music Lab

(Schedule your first lesson free on our scheduling page)


Please Note: Christy also teaches online!



  • Because a specific weekly lesson time is set aside for each student, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson. I will then use that time to plan for the student’s progress, work on additional assignments for that student, etc.

  • Students who are sick should not come to in person lessons. I reserve the right to send a student home if s/he appears to be unwell.

  • If a student is only mildly ill, contact me and we will do a FaceTime or Zoom lesson at the student’s regular time.

  • If you know in advance that you will be missing a lesson, you may request a recorded video lesson. Please

       inform me before your lesson time if you cannot attend. Late notice and no shows forfeit options.



  • Every student discontinues lessons at some point. Please make this decision thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can cease with a positive closure.

  • Students not continuing   must give a one-week notice prior to the end of the current month. Any outstanding balances for the current month must be paid in full. If appropriate, a parent/student /teacher conference may be scheduled before the last lesson to establish if this might be a temporary setback that can be resolved.


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