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  Private Lessons For 

  Piano, Violin and Viola  

I am glad you are here!  Music has been a big part of my life and brings me great joy. I love sharing this gift with my students!  I have 25+ years of experience teaching hundreds of students from grade school all the way to Adulthood. Many have excelled in competition/school/honor groups. I would love to have an opportunity to teach your child. I offer Private Piano, Violin and Viola Lessons.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding lessons or scheduling      -Christy Porter

Christy's Music Studio accepts ESA payments

Music Notes
Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson


"Our daughter, Sadie, has taken private lessons with Christy Porter over the last six years. During that time, she has nurtured our daughter's musical talents to help her achieve her goals. Our daughter has learned to audition, practice and perform with confidence and skill. She has been encouraged and challenged along the way by Christy. Christy is passionate in her teaching and masterful at communicating all the technique and nuance required for a piece of music. She has been an excellent violin teacher for our daughter and a role model for musicianship, collaboration within an orchestra and dedication to a life-long skill. We feel blessed that she has been such an important influence in our daughter's life."        -Bryan and Heather


"As a student of 6 years, Ms. Porter is such an amazing teacher. She pushes you to try challenging pieces, but is also extremely patient when you struggle. In my lessons, I have obtained many new and technical skills. If at first I don't necessarily achieve the skill, Ms. Porter has at least three other methods to try. Over time, she has helped me practice and perfect these skills, using and finding ways to incorporate them into our regular songs. Plus, she is not unwilling to help you by showing parts on her own instrument. On several occasions, Ms. Porter has played with me once we have mostly completed a piece. Also, Ms. Porter has accompanied me in lots of recitals, including ones for the studio I attend and the Symphony. She is such a talented violinist and pianist. Most importantly, Ms. Porter is such a kind, giving and fantastic person. I am so lucky to have her as my violin teacher and I am grateful for the opportunities I have and continue to have because of her."       -Sadie (12 year old Violinist)

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